The featured image for this article could be a picture of a cat eating from a bowl of boiled chicken
  • I don’t have a cat but such a detailed blog! I have been following a similar diet and looking for the right foods to keep my gut balanced.

  • I have followed exactly those steps for me. Still working on reintroducing foods. I haven’t yet found my triggers, but I have an idea of what they are. My cat’s digestive system is as delicate as mine. I know that she can’t digest tuna or salmon. Milder fishes are okay for her, however. She loves to eat and she gobbles down her food with great gusto. I just want to prevent a repeat of gobble food, throw it all up after five minutes, wait ten minutes, meow for more!

  • I don’t have a cat, but these tips don’t sound much differently than what you would do for your kid 🙂

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